Tell us your story!

We need your Help! The AMT is conducting an engineering study with a view to increasing the number of trains which is due for the end of the year! We might face an increase of the trains sooner than we think.

Please tell us your stories in regards of how the train is currently disturbing your day to day life (i.e. vibration, noise, damage to your houses….). Please do not hesitate to post pictures if available.


2 thoughts on “Tell us your story!

  1. My name is David Schachter and I am the Director of WTAG. We want to hear from you. We want to hear your stories about life on the CP Rail Corridor. We are doing our best to encourage modernization of the Commuter Rail System but we need your help.
    Thank You

    • Dear Mr. Schachter,

      I asked a question in Westmount Council just after you yesterday evening. Our organization is involved with active transport. We would like to see the de Maisonneuve cycling path in NDG cross Decarie by way of a bridge. Then we would like it to continue its trajectory along the railroad property line. It would thus pass behind the Standard LIfe bldg, the bus terminus loop road, and the former Air Canada bldg, reconnecting with de Maisonneuve somewhere near Claremont.

      With your connections within the railroads could you verify the following information that Maureen Kiley received from Pierre Major of the MUHC Glen is completely correct?

      “Pierre also told us that the railways have determined that there is insufficient room behind the old Air Canada and Standard Life Buildings and the Vendome Metro to build a bike path there because the railways need the land for a fourth rail line.”

      We understand that the AMT had commissioned a $ 12 million dollar feasibility study for this fourth line possibility. Has the report been submitted. Does that report concur with M. Major’s statement?


      Roger Jochym
      122 Lewis
      for the Westmount Walking and Cycling Association

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